Domestic Electricians - Apartment or House?

Call us at Langcorn Electrical, let us know what your requirements are and we will ensure that you get a great quote.

Expert Domestic Electrical Services

From an electrical company with a wealth of experience

domestic electricians

Wiring and Re-Wiring

For new and old properties we design and deliver tailor made solutions just for you.
domestic electricians

We listen to all your ideas

And give you the best advice carrying out work with the minimum of fuss
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Maximise your Energy

We ensure you make the most of your Photovoltaic technology
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Lighting where you need it

Ensuring your property is ready for your Eco Friendly light bulbs
domestic electricians

Never run out of power

Larger Families with Tablets, Smartphones,
and Laptops all see this familiar symbol

domestic electricians

Sockets where you need them

Tell us where you want the socket and you’ll never have the need for extension leads

Reliable Domestic Electrical Services

From an electrical company with over 50 years experience

Rewiring a property

Refurbishing your property doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. If you’ve taken on a large project you will need us at Langcorn to deliver all your electrical needs. Wiring a property needs specialist attention and at Langcorn we are used to working to tight deadlines and delivering on the agreed design.

domestic electricians

Domestic Electrical Repairs

At Langcorn we ensure that our workmanship is of the highest standards giving our customers peace of mind. There is no domestic problem that we haven’t faced before so use our considerable experience to deliver what you need. All our installations are thoroughly tested in compliance with British Standards.

domestic electricians

CCTV For the home

We supply and install the CCTV system of your choice. Your new system will allow you to view all footage on a Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC or Mac. We install the high definition cameras in the areas of your property most at risk. So, if you are going away on holiday and want to monitor what is happening you can do so.

domestic electricians

Solar Panels

We install and configure Photovoltaic Solar Panels. These are usually mounted on a homes’ roof. Solar Panels generate zero pollution and are not only a way great way to save money on your electricity bills but also reduce greenhouse gasses. Join the thousands of people that are taking advantage of this technology and get yours installed today.

domestic electricians

Lighting where you need it

The move to Eco Friendly bulbs means that many home-owners have been reviewing the lighting in each room of their house. Not only do we ensure that you have enough plug sockets for your choice of uplighter or free standing lamp, we also ensure that this can be complemented with wall or spot lights.

domestic electricians

Induction Hearing Loop Systems

induction hearing loop systems

An Induction Hearing Loop installed in your home coupled with your hearing aid may enable you to hear sounds clearer. Induction Hearing Loop’s also reduce the surrounding background noises in your home like home music systems and Televisions. Get a free quote from us today.

domestic electricians induction

Television System Wiring


Removing the tangle of wires that accompanies many television systems is another service that we provide at Langcorn Electrical Ltd. We make your living space a wire free zone with our living room designs. Get a free quote from us today.

domestic electricians

Also see all of our commercial services

We also serve small and large businesses with wiring and rewiring services, electrical inspections, Commercial CCTV, Fire Alarm installations and issuing safety certificates where appropriate.